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My name is John and this is my first attempt at blogging. I’ve have had interests in starting a blog for a while now but couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to write about. This idea came to me as my brother in law shared some info with me on a competitor to the raspberry pi computer that is better suited (faster processor and more RAM) for acting as a server for a website. Anyways I might have a separate blog post at a later time for my tech journey that I am currently on with the Raspberry Pi.

To get to the point, my brother in law gave me this wonderful idea for a blog. He suggested that I could write about something my wife is currently going through. She is becoming a gestational surrogate for the first time. I could imagine a couple of things that you can be thinking right now, like “John, there are plenty of other surrogate mothers that blog about their surrogacy already, we don’t need another.” or “You’re not getting pregnant are you?” or a plethora of other questions ┬áregarding the topic. Well, I plan to have answers for you!

My goal of this is to show a gestational surrogacy through the eyes of the surrogate’s partner, to bring out what seems to be missed from the perspective of the surrogate. From the few blogs I skimmed over from other surrogate mothers, most tended to be focused mainly on the progress of the pregnancy and feelings of the surrogate mother, and some touch on the feelings and concerns of the intended parents, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. Those blog posts help other surrogates or potential surrogates get an understanding on what they may experience during their own surrogacy. What I did find during my skimming,┬áis a complete lack of perspective from the partners’ side and what they are going through and feeling. My hope is this blog helps fill in that gap so the partner can hopefully relate to some of the things I am going through, and offer a third person experience to a surrogate mother.

Okay, now for proper introductions, my name as I mentioned earlier is John, maybe I’ll tell you my last name later, like I said this is my first blog attempt and my online presence is not great, I’ve mainly been lurker status my whole internet life. I am a Husband to my beautiful wife and soon to be surrogate mother Mandy. We have one child, a daughter, and you are going to love her name….or think it is ridiculous, but we don’t care we love it and it suits her well, Snow White! We live in California, one of the most popular states for surrogacy which along with being in close proximity to the surrogate agency and intended parents has made the whole process super smooth and easy. The intended parents are two really great and awesome people. Patrick and Damien have shown us so much gratitude and support, and I couldn’t have picked a better couple for us to go through this journey together with. Our agency that we are working with has also made this process as stress-free as they could make it and are always willing to help out if we are having any issues along the way and between Damien, Patrick, their families, and the agency we have only felt a great sense of welcoming and support.

Now a little about what we do for a living. I work in the aviation industry and have been in the industry since 2012 mainly as a composite fabricator, but more recently I have been working as a quality technician for a composite material manufacturing supplier. My wife Mandy is a server/bartender at a local Red Lobster. Snow is a professional toddler at a year and a half old. My wife and I work opposite shifts so we can avoid paying child care. With this schedule our life doesn’t seem to ever slow down, we are constantly busy with something, adding surrogacy into the mix is going to be an interesting experience, to say the least!

I truly hope that this blog can help not only the partner in surrogacy but the surrogate as well. I welcome all comments and questions as long as they are respectable and remain appropriate. Any hateful, judgmental, obscene, or disrespectful comments do not have a place here and will be dealt with properly. I welcome constructive criticism on my blog, website and style openly as I want to always be improving my skills and knowledge depth. Let me know what you think about this blog idea in the comments below!

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    1. Thank you! To answer your question the days that we both work we have anywhere between an hour to three hours between when I get home and she has to go to work. So we get a little time to spend there, by the time she gets home my daughter and I are already asleep. The days she doesn’t work are better, we try and make plans to do anything together on her days off. I get weekends and she usually has days in the middle of the week off. I get off early enough to where there is still a good amount of time left in the day before she goes to work that we can sit and talk about our day and eat dinner and maybe do a little shopping before she has to leave for work. Really we just try to fit whatever we can in our free time.

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