Transfer Day!

Transfer Day!

So I’m going to skip around a little bit and I’m going to go straight to the transfer day, which is today! We arrived in Portland Oregon yesterday from California. We had a good flight here, got to our hotel room easy thanks to Uber!(get a free ride up to $15 dollars by using code: 9z1k1efsue ) we are at this really good sushi place called Sushi Ichiban in downtown Portland.

This place is the coffee shop of sushi. It has a very laid back, casual atmosphere, and it felt like I could just sit there all day and leisurely eat my fill granted I had the funds to do so. The restaurant features a sushi train that is quite literally a toy train on tracks that circles the bar and has plates of sushi dishes on it for customers to grab.

After lunch, we walked downtown a bit and noticed quite a few food trucks, with many of them looking tasty! We headed back to our hotel after browsing through Powell’s bookstore and then proceeded to take a good nap with no baby to worry about or to handle. After our lovely nap, we were getting hungry for dinner and decided on trying Fathead brewing company. We were both pleased with our food. Mandy ordered the briefcase full of blues burger with blue cheese and blueberry compote and I ordered the bacon cheeseburger.

After dinner, we walked over to Ruby Jewel ice cream shop to finish our day with some delicious ice cream! That was some of the best cookies and cream ice cream I have ever had! Mandy picked their honey lavender ice cream was we were thoroughly impressed with that flavor as well.

Now it is transfer day! We woke up and got ready to meet with Patrick and Damien at the restaurant in the hotel and had a fantastic breakfast before heading out and riding the sky tram to check out some views before the transfer. We also walked a portion of the green belt over by the university which was beautiful! My favorite part was seeing this building:

OK so we check into the fertility clinic where the embryo transfer happens and might I add that everything we have had to go through so far has been almost effortless. Mandy gets undressed from the waist down except for her pineapple socks:

And covers in a gown, and she is given a dose of valium to relax her .Mandy has to keep her bladder full for this procedure and she has to be relaxed, hence the valium. The reason why they need a full bladder is to press the uterus flat so they have a straight shot at placing the embryo. They took her back for the procedure and before you knew it she was back in the room. The whole transfer took about 7 minutes! The IPs left after she went back for the transfer to go mob around downtown Portland and they said they barely got down the street before I texted them that she was already done with the transfer. The longest part is where Mandy had to lay flat for 45 minutes afterward but Mandy had no problem with that because she fell asleep once back in the recovery room thanks to the valium. She says never again does she want to take a dose of valium, it made her too drowsy and out of it and she doesn’t like feeling that way one bit.  After the 45 minutes were up the nurse came in, woke Mandy up and then wheelchaired her across the street to the hotel.

So let the bed rest begin! Mandy got into bed and then took another valium induced nap. After she woke we ordered some pizza from Sizzle Slice. Delivery took longer than expected, the driver said that he hit bad traffic on the way and that he tried to call me but I don’t quite believe that because I didn’t have a single missed call and my number on the receipt was correct. Anyways, the pizza was on the cooler side but was still tasted good, and it could have used more pineapple. After eating, Patrick and Damien came to our room and they brought some acrylic paint sets. Patrick has been painting for 20 years and he thought it would be fun to have an intro paint class so we painted for the rest of the evening. We will continue painting more layers tomorrow and both Mandy and I are excited to see how everyone’s painting will turn out!

After painting Damien, Patrick and I went to get more water bottles for our room and Patrick and Damien were hungry so we went to the restaurant in the hotel. I sat with them and ordered a coffee. We had a wonderful conversation and Damien also introduced me to honey in my coffee instead of using sugar. It is definitely different but I liked it! I feel like we couldn’t have been matched to a better couple. Patrick and Damien are really similar in personality and temperament with Mandy and me. We get along so well and I feel like we have been friends for a long time even though we have only known each other for a few months. Everything has been going really well and almost effortless, and Patrick and Damien are more than generous, super grateful, and two of the nicest and supportive people we know.

One of my favorite conversations with them today was talking about how valuable teaching kids another language early on is to their development, more specifically sign language. Teaching your kid how to sign before they can fully speak gives them a way where they can communicate to you in a more direct way. I have noticed that when sign language is taught concurrently with English (or any other primary language), the child has better comprehension and understanding of the world around them and if they are in need or want of anything they are able to communicate with more precision.

We have had a very productive day today and we are excited to be on this journey together with these amazing people! That is all for today, if you have any questions I would love to answer them for you, just comment below or send me a message through the contact me page!

P.S. room service is wonderful!

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