Needles and Pills

Needles and Pills

Okay, so Mandy and I have signed all the legal paperwork and the next step is her first trip to Portland OR. This is only a day trip, and really the procedure was only about 15 minutes long. The procedure that was performed was a sonohystergram, or where the OB/GYN inserts a catheter in your cervix, adds either a salt solution(NACL) or sugar solution (sorbitol) to expand the uterus so they can check for any abnormalities or polyps on the uterine lining with an ultrasound. She also had a mock transfer as well as a Doppler ultrasound to measure the velocity of blood flow in the uterus. The Dr. said that her uterus was perfect, and looked great! Now she and Damien had time to kill until they had to fly back so they went back to the airport to eat dinner. They ate dinner, chatted up a storm and then time almost got away from them! Mandy heard the last boarding call for her flight and she wasn’t even through the TSA yet! Some nice understanding people in line let her cut past them. Mandy came out the other side of security, didn’t even put her shoes back on, and ran through the terminal, slowing to a walk when she had to cross the tile, then speeding up to a sprint. She then comes up to a wall of elderly people blocking her gate and plows through the crowd knocking everyone over! Walkers and canes went flying, knees were giving out and you can hear the hips fracturing as these people are hitting the ground! I’m JOKING! That didn’t happen, but it made my story a lot more interesting didn’t it? Anyways, she was running through the terminal and they were just about to close the gate when Mandy arrived just in time. A minute later she would have been stuck waiting for the next flight out. She sat down in a seat and was on the way home.

She made it home safely and Snow and I were glad to hear that everything went well and that she had a good time. A few days later all her medicine for the IVF cycle came in and oh man! There is so much that she has to take! Ok, well, it is a lot for us because we are healthy and don’t have to take medication on a regular basis. The majority of the bulk is needles and syringes for all her injectable medication. She had to take one injectable every day for five weeks subcutaneously or into the fat under your skin just like some diabetics do with insulin, and she had another that she would have to take two times a week intramuscularly and she started another daily intramuscular injection a week before the transfer. 5 days before the transfer she had to take an immune suppressant and an antibiotic in pill form up until transfer day. She also had to take a prenatal, aspirin, vitamin D, and omega 3 capsules and after the transfer, she had two injections, one once daily intramuscular, and one twice a week intramuscular. After the pregnancy confirmation, She also has some other medication that she will start taking 3 times a day vaginally… Gross. Mandy says it is the least medication surrogates look forward to. I wonder why… Before the transfer, she had to go to a lab to test her hormone levels once a week for three weeks and she had to have a transvaginal ultrasound about a week before her transfer. During this ultrasound, the Dr. thought she saw a potential fold, at least that is what she told Mandy to her face. Then she gets an update on her ultrasound and Kylee (Mandy’s coordinator at ORM) told Mandy that the Dr. wrote down in her file that it was a possible polyp instead of a fold. This was concerning to all of us and the fertility clinic wanted to check it out for themselves before moving on with the transfer so we had to catch an earlier flight to Oregon on the day before the transfer. Everything checked out fine and we proceeded with the transfer. If you want to read about the transfer you can follow this link to Transfer Day! I also have a post that goes more in depth on my thoughts on transfer day here if you are interested.

To wrap it all up I am the one that gives Mandy her shots. The location where the injections are administered is a bit difficult to reach by yourself. They have her injecting into the muscle that runs up to your lower back and down your leg. It is just on the inside of her hip, right above her butt. I tease her by pretending to enjoy it more than I really do.  I don’t like causing her any pain whatsoever but being too serious isn’t too much fun at all! I’ll look at her and raise my eyebrows a couple of times and smile maniacally as I’m holding the syringe that I’m about to stab….I mean jab, errrr.. utilize to inject her medicine with. No, really I do like helping out in any way I can. I try to prepare her injectables before she gets a chance and with one of the medicines, it goes in easier if it is warmed up so I just hold it clenched in my meaty fist of wrath… I mean my caring, and tender hand. Well, I have run out of things to talk about on this topic. If there are any questions or if you want to know more about how this whole process works just leave a comment below or you can fill out the form on my contact page here. Thanks for reading and hope to see you here again on MWTS!

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