Getting off the Meds

Getting off the Meds

Back again with some fantastic news! I won the lottery! I told my boss off and quit my job and I’m now sitting at the Lamborghini dealership signing the paperwork on my new Aventador SV Coupe so I can race around the bay area in style! Not really, I didn’t win the lottery and I’m actually sitting behind a computer typing this wishing that I could drive something better than mom car. Now for the real news, after my wife’s 9-week appointment they (ORM) said my wife can start weaning off her IVF medications! This means no more shots in the back and no vagina rockets, I mean suppositories! This also means I don’t have to stay up or get up at 11 pm to give my wife said shots! I get to recoup on some sleep that I have been dearly missing! Really, this is a good thing because it means her pregnancy is healthy and normal so far. They also took measurements of the fetus at her appointment and the baby is measuring right on track! So far so good! Also, Patrick and Damien received some good pictures of their new addition to their family!

“P.S. I wrote this article a couple of weeks ago and Mandy has thrown up. 🙁 Not because of pregnancy though, our family had a bout with a stomach bug. She did randomly throw up a couple of days ago eating a bagel and cream cheese, I believe that may be pregnancy related but she hasn’t thrown up since so lets hope it stays that way.”

It won’t be long until Patrick and Damien are holding their newborn baby and I can’t explain how excited I am to see their faces melt at the sight of their child. An update on my wife. She has been having spells of nauseousness but she hasn’t thrown up yet which is a good thing she says, and I agree. She is hoping that she goes the whole pregnancy without throwing up, with the exception of when she is birthing the baby. Oh, that reminds me of a funny story and it may be funnier if you were there but I’m going to tell it anyway.  Here it goes, I have a weak stomach but lately, I’ve been getting a little better with some things. I’m not gagging at every poopy diaper now (thank God) but not everything sets me off like I have no problem with blood and gore, but bodily fluids like poop and puke set me off easy. Anyways when Mandy was giving birth to Snow she was throwing up and of course, like the great husband I am, I am standing by her head holding her hand and changing her throw up bags out as they fill up. While doing this I am using all my strength to not have to use any barf bags myself. I couldn’t hold it anymore and I gagged. Mandy immediately gave me a death stare and with the most commanding voice said “No, you are NOT allowed to throw up, you better not!” I nodded and that is when my former guardian Michelle stepped in and asked me if she could take my place for a little bit so I can regain my composure. I kid you not I thought if I were to throw up right then she would have leaped right out of the bed and killed me with the closest blunt object. Thankfully I didn’t and she delivered our baby with no big complications.

That is all I have for today! If you have another moment check out our new product review page on MWTS here. This is where I will periodically update with products that I or my wife have used and recommend that more or less relate to surrogacy or pregnancy in general, or just some nice to haves. Most links will be amazon affiliate links that provide a commission of any product ordered after clicking on one of the links with no additional cost to you. Proceeds from this go back into this blog and helps us towards our goal of living a laptop lifestyle to break the ordinary 9-5. We thank you for all your support and for visiting us and I hope to see you soon.

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