Hot Water Burns

Hot Water Burns

That is how much desire I have to write right now. None. I have writer’s block and I cannot think of anything to write about so I am going to write about my morning so far. I woke up at 2:30 A.M. like I do every morning because my daughter (she is two) wakes up and cries out for either mom or myself. I get her to lay back down and I go back to sleep. An hour later my alarm goes off for me to get up for work and I hit the snooze until about 4 A.M. I get up and my head is in a fog because I just started a keto diet and the keto flu has hit me already. I took my shower and got dressed, then after making my bulletproof coffee, I head out the door and off to work I go.

I get to work and find that someone started to make coffee but did know that this coffee maker is connected to the water supply and they don’t have pour water in the tank. Water and coffee grounds are overflowing from the filter housing and so I went over and shut off the pot. I grabbed the filter housing and as I pulled it out to dump it, boiling hot water pours over my hand and burns the crap out of my hand. Great, now I have to work all day with burning fingers. I cleaned up the mess and went back to the lab to start working.

I started to unbag a fiberglass panel that was cured yesterday evening and found that the panel was stuck to the caul plate, that is a steel plate placed on a composite panel to keep the panel from warping while it is being cured. I pry the panel off trying to be careful not to delaminate the piles but to no avail. I delaminated probably close to half of the panel and now I have to explain that to my boss.

Well, actually he walked in laughing because he saw me peeling off the release material that coats the steel tooling plate, or the plate that we set the laminate on to cure. I told him about it and he said we could use the good half (thank God) because I did not want to remake this panel. Now it is in the oven to post cure to a higher temperature and I am waiting on material to thaw so I can make another panel. So far my day hasn’t started off great but I hope that it gets better today.

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