The Pursuit

The Pursuit

Isn’t the pursuit of things something almost everyone loves to do? It can be the pursuit of happiness, or the pursuit of wealth, active lifestyle, or many other things. We love the chase and we tend to work hard for the desires of our hearts. Those of us that don’t like pursuit I believe haven’t found something that means anything significant to themselves. Maybe I am wrong but I don’t know everyone’s story.

Let me start by saying my wife and I are feeling like we are finally pursuing our goals in life. We have Patrick and Damien to thank for that. They are so inspiring and encouraging and we genuinely love that they are in our lives. They are making it possible for us to pursue the desires of our hearts. Most people will tap-dance around the topic of money because for a lot of people talking about money makes them uncomfortable. I’m not going to lie, it can make me uncomfortable sometimes, but most of the time I don’t have a problem talking about it. Now my wife isn’t in this surrogacy for the money, and a lot of surrogates are in the same boat. There are some that it is all about the money and I don’t agree with money being the driving motive to be a surrogate but hey it’s not for me to say. I do ask though why should a family have to shell out a small fortune just to have a child? Some families can’t even stop having kids! Back on track, we are blessed to feel that my wife is generously compensated, and that is enabling us to get back on track financially and taking the burden of debt off of our plate. Some would argue that what we are getting is not enough, and to those who do, I couldn’t disagree more. Mandy gets more joy out of helping another couple create a family than she does with getting paid. She would rather do it for free if that meant bringing the joy of a child into someone else’s  lives and her knowing that she is doing something amazing to show love to another. This in itself is payment. Mandy is fulfilling her dream of being a surrogate and everything else to her is just icing on the cake.

I feel that Mandy being a surrogate for Patrick and Damien has not only enriched her life but everyone involved in this journey. We have a good friendship that is continuing to blossom into something beautiful. Patrick and Damien are starting their family together, their families are excited for them, I am excited for my wife and blessed on multiple levels from meeting Patrick and Damien, from being encouraged to pursue our dreams to challenging us to do what we love, and to love what you do. There are numerous things that have come up due to the surrogacy process and from the growth of our friendship that has influenced Mandy and me to make some life changes, or at least attempt and I believe we are better for it. There is so much more that can benefit your life than just money, and it hides in the most peculiar places, places that you wouldn’t even expect for something to come from and sometimes it is right under your nose. That is something I want to pursue, life and love.

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