Baby Bump

Baby Bump

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to give you all an update on the pregnancy. Mandy is starting to show! Now you still can’t tell that she is pregnant if you didn’t know she was, but knowing you can totally see a change. Also, she has been having a beautiful pregnancy glow. She has been tired lately but she has been feeling alright. The texture of any fleshy meats has been off-putting to her so she has been eating more veggies and fruits. Her favorite thing to do right now is to visit the “fruit guy” as we call him, and purchase a cup of fresh cut melons. She swears it tastes better than buying the fruit at the store and cutting it herself. I do believe her due to food of any sort always tastes better when someone else prepares it for you. Speaking of food, Mandy and I was invited to a BBQ get together at Patrick and Damien’s house and there we ate some awesome Filipino food and other tasty appetizers. We also met a few of Patrick and Damien’s friends and had a wonderful time eating and drinking champagne, well I drank champagne, Mandy drank sparkling water. It was a joy getting to meet their “circle” and we couldn’t have felt more welcome into their lives! My favorite dish there was the lumpia with the sweet chili sauce! I believe that was Mandy’s favorite as well.

So some people are asking what kind of cravings does my wife have at this point. I can tell you her only rock solid craving is pickles. She loves pickles normally but lately, she has expressed a solid desire for them. She has small cravings for fruit as mentioned above but not much else. When she was pregnant with our daughter her cravings for the longest time was Takis, those rolled up corn tortilla chips covered in the “hot Cheeto-like” seasoning. She was obsessed with Takis! Mmmm, thinking about it now so was I for a short while, but I burned out quickly and now I don’t even want to think about eating any. Also, just plain water has been making her feel nauseous but a little lemon juice goes a long way and helps her down the life-saving liquid she needs to survive. I started making her cucumber, lemon and mint infused water which she says helps her drink more water.

Some more exciting news! Mandy has gone public to all our friends and family about her surrogacy and to kick things off she entered into a contest with Northwest Surrogacy Center on Instagram! Now the only thing we know is that she will receive about $400 in gifts if she wins and runner-up prizes are also available. The contest is going on until May 31st and for her to win her post has to have the most likes on Instagram with #NWsurrogacycenter and #surrogacy. Below is the photo being entered and all we ask is if you support what she is doing give this photo a like with your Instagram! Thank you all for showing us love and support, it means a lot to us!

Besides that, I don’t have much to report this time. Mandy’s next appointment is sometime in the next three weeks. She will be 18 weeks along. At 20 weeks we will have the big ultrasound where the baby is measured, and the doctors will make sure he is growing appropriately. The gender will also be confirmed at that time. I’ll try and get some ultrasound photos up if I get permission so you guys will be able to participate in the excitement with all of us! I hope you guys find what I am writing interesting or at least entertaining and if you have anything you want me to discuss or write about go ahead and drop a comment below or reach out using our contact form here. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here soon!

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