Week 20 update!

Week 20 update!

So we are halfway there! Mandy is definitely starting to show! I still have yet to feel the baby kick but Mandy says that she can definitely feel movement from the outside. She even tells me the baby is strong! I must just have really sucky timing! Life is going as normal in our house. I have been busy at work and at home so I haven’t had much time to write but I am forcing myself to write today just to hopefully break the dry spell.

It has been hot the last few weeks and it started to cool down this last weekend. Our A/C has been running almost non-stop and I was afraid that it had broken down because it wasn’t blowing as hard as it usually does. I checked the filter again even though I just replaced it a week prior, I tried turning it off then on again, nothing. So while we were all away I turned the A/C completely off and let it set overnight. Magically it started working again and the sweet cold relief was very welcoming in our house. I believe that the condenser froze over or something to that effect.

Mandy has been nesting, much more than she did with Snow. Our apartment has been staying cleaner that it has been in a long time, and in all truth, it never really gets that bad.

The worse thing that happens is we start to create a mountain of laundry that gives Mount Everest a run for its money! Ok, no not really that bad but it does back up a little. Just to clarify the laundry is clean, we wash laundry every day it seems, but putting it away is a different story.

She is really feeling the need to keep a clean space, which is completely reasonable and justified because we wouldn’t want anything that we can control to get in the way or present a risk to the pregnancy, especially this pregnancy because this is not our child.

It is kinda the same feeling you get when you watch or babysit someone else’s kids, you tend to want to take less risk because they are not yours.

On to another story. I went fishing with some friends of mine out in the bay, these friends just so happen to be California Highway Patrol officers and what is the first thing I see them with as we are getting settled into the boat? Can you guess? DONUTS!!!! They had donuts! One of the officer’s kids works at Krispy Kreme and brings home donuts all the time! Lucky!

We ended up catching a bunch of fish that day but none of them were keepers. We had one fish that was 1 inch too short and that is the closest we had to a keeper. It was a load of fun though, everyone had a great time! I also received a lot of sun, it was so sunny that I got a little crisp!

I don’t have much more to update on at the moment but who knows I might add a random post here with some things I have forgotten, but until then see you next time!

P.S. yesterday’s daily prompt is Wheel. Like the wheels on the bus goes round and round, like my daughter’s favorite song at the moment. Now it is probably stuck in your head like it is stuck in mine. Cheers!

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