Week 22 update and Bodega Bay!

Week 22 update and Bodega Bay!

Good morning everyone! It is week 22! Just a quick update then you can be on your way. 

I felt the baby moving around finally! I still think it feels a little weird but it is so cool at the same time! I can't wait for Patrick and Damien to feel their baby move too! It is an exciting time where something that was intangible is now able to be touched and "brought to life" so to speak.

This is one of the times where it became more real to me. It is when I started to really fall in love with our daughter and where I started to come to a realization that we are going to have a family that is more than just Mandy and me. Mandy is glad that I can feel Patrick and Damien's child moving now because it backs up the fact that she isn't just crazy for saying she can feel the baby move inside her. She has another witness now.

Mandy is starting to show even more now and she definitely looks pregnant now. I help her with putting lotion on now whenever our schedules allow this, and pretty soon here I expect to be shaving her legs for her too. I enjoy taking care of her and helping her even if it means sitting in a crowded tub removing the unwanted hair. We don't get much time to ourselves so even these tasks are a good way for us to have some us time. 

This last weekend we took a needed day trip to Bodega Bay, more specifically to Doran beach. We just needed to get away and we all love the beach! Snow keeps asking when we are going to go back to the beach, really she just says "beach, and beach go," and her favorite thing to do at the beach is to run into the water with her bucket and fill it up with water, run back to where we are sitting in the sand and dumping the bucket out, mainly soaking her and the ground that she is standing on.

Here is a picture of what Snow and I were working on while we were there:

We ultimately ended up doing this:

We ended up having a very good time and we are planning to go camping at Bodega Bay sometime in the near future! I'll let a few more pictures tell the rest of the story for that day! Hope to see you all again!



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