Camping And Hiking 7 Months Pregnant…

Camping And Hiking 7 Months Pregnant…

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been so long since I have posted anything but hopefully, today’s post will catch everyone up. Last weekend Mandy, Snow and myself camped and hiked Mt. Diablo and we had a blast! We left Friday after I got off of work and we went home Sunday afternoon.

On Saturday is when we went hiking. We started from Juniper campground, which is about 2 miles from the summit and we made it to the summit close to 2 hours. Snow hiked some of it but was mostly carried by Mandy or myself.

I’m really proud of Mandy, we completed the hike! It is a milestone for us and a gateway to a more active lifestyle. I’d like to point out that Mandy hiked most of the way while carrying Snow on her back while being 7 months pregnant! We had to stop a little more frequently but she hardly complained.

The Sense of accomplishment fueled my desire to climb more mountains and I think our next hiking trip might be Yosemite, but who knows.

Top of Mt Diablo facing Concord:


On the way back Snow had a nice little snooze and woke up from her slumber just outside of our campsite. Once we got back from our hike we headed back to town because through our numerous trips to different stores we forgot the marshmallows for smores!

Like who does that? Who forgets one of the most critical items in camping? It’s right next to forgetting your tent or firewood. Camping isn’t camping without smores!

After picking up the marshmallows we get back to our site and discover a little thief! This raccoon unzipped our tent and pulled out our hydration back to try and steal a leftover sandwich. He had the bag unzipped and was trying to chew its way through the pocket to get to the food when I shooed him away.


Speaking of raccoons they were fearless here! The first night they were having a party at our campsite and they kept my wife up most of the night. We heard them climbing the tree above our tent and they would break off twigs and debris and it would fall on our tent, making rain like sounds that kept Mandy awake. Snow and I were passed out for the most part but I did wake up from Mandy being up and looking out of the tent.

Then the stereotypical scenario happened: she had to pee. The coons trapped her in the tent and she didn’t want to make her way to the bathroom. If she had to pee any more badly she would have contemplated using one of Snow’s diapers!

Morning came and she finally was able to relieve herself and we started preparing for the day.

Fast forward to Saturday night we were just finishing roasting smores and I’m sitting on the bench with my back to the table and Mandy and Snow are in the tent. I feel something move behind me on the table and it is a dang raccoon! He was trying to get in on some of the smores action! He was literally less than a foot away from me!

Anyways even with the raccoons, the trip turned out really well and we all enjoyed ourselves. Snow really missed TV, she usually doesn’t just sit and watch TV for long periods of time but she sat for a good hour once we got home and Mandy and I were unloading our camping gear and getting everything organized.

Here are some photos from our trip, hope you all enjoy!

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We also went Mini golfing and to our first San Fransisco Giants Game! It was a very fun week!

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