Surrogacy: Agency VS Independent

Surrogacy: Agency VS Independent

Today’s post will be a quick read because I’m mainly going to use bullet points to convey the information to you and to help be clear as possible.

I wanted to outline the difference between using a surrogate agency and going Independent with your surrogacy journey.

Let’s start with going through an agency!

First and foremost it makes the process easier!

  • The agency will do all the legwork for you.
  • They match you to Intended parents.
  • They help you with all the legal paperwork.
  • They negotiate the price for you or have a set pay structure.
  • They help set you up with attornies, insurance brokers, and can help be your advocate on your behalf if you run into any issues.
  • They coordinate with the fertility clinic to make the procedures run smoothly.
  • If you have to travel a distance to the fertility clinic they coordinate travel for you and generally book everything for you.
  • They can walk you through the whole process and requirements to fulfill a surrogacy arrangement.
  • They encourage you and are interested in your success.
  • They know the whole process inside and out so nothing will be missed.

There are much more benefits to working with an agency than listed here but I feel like this list touches on some of the biggest benefits.

Going independent:

  • You have control over the whole process.
  • You name your price and can negotiate the compensation.
  • You pick your own lawyer to represent your case.
  • You won’t have to pay an agency fee.
  • You are responsible for coordinating everything, doctors appointments, dealing with insurance, the fertility clinic, attornies involved, and anything else that is part of the process.
  • You have to find intended parents yourself, and you are responsible to verify their background.
  • You are your own advocate for all situations.
  • You assume all risk throughout the process less you have legal contracts that say otherwise.

Again this list isn’t all encompassing but touches on major points to potentially help you decide which method is right for you or to prompt you to dig deeper into your own research.

If I find some time I will have a post that is more detailed on how going independent works. Everything outlined in this post is a generalization and may or may not be relevant to all surrogate journeys. Consult with an attorney or agency to understand all that is required to do it right.

My wife is going through an agency that is so wonderful and has been such a smooth process. Northwest Surrogacy Center has done an excellent job and if you would like more info please visit their website.

If you would like to know more about the whole surrogacy process please visit my Surrogacy Road Map.

We wish you well on your journey and hope you found this article useful!

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