Lake Tahoe Adventures

Lake Tahoe Adventures

Hey there, it has been a while since my last post. Everything has been going too well and nothing too exciting has come up for me to talk about.


Photo: Mandy at 31 Weeks.

A little while back we had a 4D ultrasound done with Patrick and Damien so everyone could get a sneak peek at what is to come here shortly and all I can say is I love seeing the reaction from Patrick and Damien once they saw their baby on that screen. I saw what I must have been feeling when I was watching the 4D ultrasound with my daughter.

It brought back that excitement and anticipation I have felt before but with the sweet relief from responsibility knowing that it isn’t us that is going to be responsible for this one! Patrick and Damien be prepared to have your hands full!

Other than that Sunday 9/17 marks 32 weeks and brings a limit to travel for my wife. We can’t travel more than 100 miles away from the hospital we plan for delivering at as outlined in our surrogacy agreement. Reason being just in case anything happens early we still will be able to get to the hospital within a decent amount of time.

Keeping these restrictions in mind Mandy and I wanted to get out one last time before the restrictions and we decided to go to Lake Tahoe! We didn’t have much in mind to do when we were there, which was nice because it seems like we are always doing something. We left Friday night to Carson City where we were staying and arrived about 11PM. Got our stuff to our room and went straight to bed. I told them we were celebrating our anniversary and they surprised us with free breakfast from their Bistro both mornings as well as some Martinelli’s and cannolis on Saturday.


(Our 5 year anniversary was on September 1st btw.)

Saturday morning we took our time getting ready to head to the lake, not rushing in the slightest. Our plan was to drop Mandy and Snow off at a trailhead, then I drive the car to the beach, then take a Uber back to the trailhead so we wouldn’t have to hike back to the car after we were done.

View towards the lake near the trailhead:


Snow asleep on my back with her arms up


So we get on the trail and I start to wear Snow in her toddler carrier and she falls asleep on our short hike. Poor thing went to bed late and woke up early. Mandy and I continue walking until we get to Nevada beach. We find a good bench to sit and to eat our packed lunch all while Snow is catching some zzz’s on my back.

We drew the attention of some ducks and fed them some of our grapes. We had some best friends after that!

Notice that we caught the duck chowing down on the grape!


The duck behind Snow is like “better give me another if you know whats good for ya!”IMG_20170916_124355688_BURST000_COVER

Flamingo duck.IMG_20170916_122100790

Snow later wakes up, and we played in the rocky sand and I swam in the freezing water for a good while. It was nice just to relax.

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We also tried to hold against their will…I mean catch and pet the wild chipmunks running around but to no avail.

After the lake, we headed back to the hotel and hung out for a little bit and used the pool at the hotel, that was probably Snow’s favorite part of the whole trip. She loved being in her little giraffe floatie and being pulled around in the water.

Once we were done with the pool we just lounged around doing nothing. Boy, it was sure nice to not have a thing to do. We really needed this time away and I am glad to be able to do this. We came back home Sunday morning just in time for Mandy to go back to work and resume normal adult life.


Snow and I changed a couple belts on my car and I caught up the laundry the rest of the evening while dreaming about going back to Tahoe. It might be my new favorite place.


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