Week 36 Update!

Week 36 Update!

Hey guys! I’m sorry I have been slacking in providing you updates on the journey but in truth it has been pretty uneventful, to say the least. Mandy has been progressing right along and has been healthy with no complications. She has been feeling and looking more and more pregnant with every week. Just 4 more weeks and we are done!

Time flies so fast, especially when everything is going smooth. The parents have been “nesting” for quite some time getting all their affairs in order before the baby comes. We are finishing up the birth plan and coasting through the final stretch here, anxious to meet the new babe and to hand him over to his eager parents!

As for our latest adventures, this last weekend Mandy, Snow and I made our way up to Apple Hill for some fun on the apple farms and pumpkin patches! We had a little tip on where they kept some of the best blackberry apple sour cream pie around and made a stop on the way.  If we are being honest the pie was good but not as good as we were let on to be.

Also for most of the weekend, we tried to stay indoors as much as we could because of our proximity to all the wildfires burning here in Northern California. My work had shut down on Thursday and Friday because the smoke was so bad. It was nice having the time off to spend with my wife and child though.

A couple of weekends prior Patrick and Damien had their baby shower and we got to meet and reacquaint ourselves with their friends and family. They had their food catered by (Insert Name) who did a wonderful job and everything was plated so beautifully! I couldn’t get enough of the little quiches she made! All in all, it was a very lovely baby shower full of close friends and family.

So I know what you all are waiting for, and the real reason why you are here and that would be updated photos! Well, I have them right here! Take a peek!

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