Week 40!

Week 40!

Okay guys! This is it! The final stretch! Mandy’s due date is here! Baby isn’t giving any sign that he is on the way. He seems to be comfy cozy in his little hot tub! Here are some pictures of the progress! I don’t have pictures of Mandy’s bump at every week but I filled the empty spots with what  was going on at the time. Enjoy!

Week 2! week of 2/19/2017:

Nothing really has happened yet. This picture is of us pre-transfer. Our last hoo-rah riding roller coasters at Six flags Discovery Kingdom. The Embryo is only five days old at this point and is waiting for be transferred to its surrogate! you can find some more back story by Going back to the Start and In the Beginning posts.


Week 3! Week of 2/26/2017:

In Portland Oregon a day before the transfer! Last bite of Sushi before the 9 month hiatus. Here is my post about our Transfer Day! and  my thoughts on transfer day.


Week 4! week of 3/5/2017:

Week 4 fell on my birthday! I don’t quite remember what we did on my birthday…man I’m getting old, and my memory is fading. What’s next? Grey hair?….oh wait…I have that too…


Week 5! Week of 3/12/2017:

Snow dreaming of driving a car one day….Momma not wanting to think about that at the moment. Yes Savor the time! They grow up fast!


Week 6! Week of 3/19/2017:

Okay so this photo doesn’t belong here, it is was filed under this date in my google photos but I still wanted to share how spoiled my wife is…lol. In Portland Airport headed back home after transfer.



Week 8! Week of 4/2/2017:

Mandy just lounging around, taking it easy! Snow Doing the same…


Week 9! Week of 4/9/2017:

The lovely Mrs. Mandy being..well… you know. Lovely. <3


We had some fun in San Francisco with some family. We walked halfway across the Golden Gate and bummed around Pier 39 before heading back home. Oh and we wend on a water taxi onto the bay for a short tour.


Week 10! Week of 4/16/2017:

Easter Egg fun with Snow!


Final Injections for IVF! She was so stoked! Can you tell?


Week 11! week of 4/23/2017:

Momma and Snow chillin’ again, they tend do do that a lot…


Nice little walk at a park near us, we like to stay active when we aren’t chillin”.


Week 12! Week of 4/30/2017:

Snow’s favorite place, the beach! …Okay, it is my favorite place too!


Clam chowder for Mandy, fish and chips for me, and I think we got Snow a corn dog that she didn’t eat.


Week 13! Week of 5/7/2017:

Starting to need new shirts! Still don’t believe you are pregnant!


14 Weeks! Week of 5/14/2017:

Don’t Forget the work shirts!


Week 16! Week of 5/28/2017:

Getting fat!
The shirt says it all! First pictures to reach social media and the first semi public announcement!


Week 17! Week of 6/4/2017:

I believe they are driving halfway down California in this picture to visit family.


Week 18! Week of 6/11/2017!

Those are Snow’s favorite chips!


Week 20! Week of 6/25/2017:

The anonymous black dress lady pictures start!


Baby Dorian’s first sighting! Full Week 20 update!


Week 21! Week of 7/2/2017:

Riding the Train, glasses on! This is how most days are spent!


4th of July, sporting those Lularoe leggings! If you need a consultant I have few I can hook up up with! Why is Mandy sitting in a tiny chair you ask? Snow told her to!


Week 22! Week of 7/9/2017:

Fun day at Bodega Bay! Full Week 22 update and Bodega Bay!


Week 23! Week of 7/16/2017:

My daughter is such a hoot! She brings happiness with her wherever she goes! Just like her mother!



Yoga Time!


Week 24! Week of 7/23/2017:

Seriously we can’t stay way from the beach, went back to Bodega Bay and camped at Timber Cove two weeks after our first visit. Full Week 24 Update!


Week 25! Week of 7/30/2017:

“Stop waking me up so early mom…” -Snow’s Look.
“Payback is a b#%$&, my dear child.” -Mandy’s thoughts.


Week 27! Week of 8/13/2017!

Chaos, death, destruction, and everything that follows a toddler and her friends…. Mandy is secretly dying on the inside… Only joking, those two kids are probably the world’s best and easy going children around!


Week 28! Week of 8/20/2017:


Camping And Hiking 7 Months Pregnant… at Mt. Diablo.


That Gorgeous hair!


Week 29! Week of 8/27/2017:

 Sitting at Denny’s, I really don’t know what is going on in this picture so I am just going to say look at those beautiful women!


Week 30! Week of 9/3/2017:

The Anonymous black dress lady strikes again!


Week 31! Week of 9/10/2017:

And again,
And again!
Fun Day(night) Trip to Ghiredeli Square!


32 Weeks! Week of 9/17/2017:

Check out our Lake Tahoe Adventures!


33 Weeks! Week of 9/24/2017:


35 Weeks! 10/8/2017


Starting to get somewhere finally! Full Week 36 Update!


36 Weeks! Week of 10/15/2017:

Pumpkin patch time at Apple Hill!

Full Halloween! update!

37 weeks! Week of 10/22/2017:

Scandalous Halloween fun!


38 Weeks! Week of 10/29/2017:

Showing off that baby belly!



Mandy showing of the mound while Snow does her “makeup”.

39 Weeks! Week of 11/5/2017:

Getting Rounder!

Week 40! Week of 11/12/2017:


Watch out! She’s gonna ‘Splode!


That is all I have for Today! Be on the lookout for my Delivery Update! If you have enjoyed this post, please let me know in the comments! I appreciate it!

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