Baby Dorian is Here!

Baby Dorian is Here!

What a big day! Mandy has delivered the baby, and now there are two very happy new daddies, and one tired Mandy. Jokes on them, Mandy actually gets to sleep afterward!


Let’s start with baby D was 3 days overdue at the time of birth. Mandy had been sitting at 4 cm dilated for what I believe was two or so weeks so we all were anticipating an arrival at any time but once the due date arrived we scheduled an induction for that Friday (it was currently Sunday). The hospital we delivered at doesn’t usually like to do inductions earlier thanĀ (two) weeks overdue but due to the pregnancy being a surrogacy they were more lenient, that and there is a high risk of the placenta sticking to the uterus being an IVF pregnancy.


So one day passed and we get a call from the hospital asking for Mandy to come in the next day for an ultrasound, non-stress test and a membrane sweep. The ultrasound was to check if there was adequate fluid around the baby and to take measurements, where Dr. Bow tie and nice socks determined that there was not enough fluid around the baby and that they had to induce today.

I’m at work, with bad cell reception and a false sense of security with my Wi-Fi at work. Mandy calls me on Facebook messenger and I couldn’t hear a thing, I try moving to a different area at my work, the same thing. Now you can tell both of us are frustrated and I just end up giving up and start to clean my area to leave because there is only one reason at this point in time Mandy would be calling me and that would be that she is in labor, or about to be induced.

I get to an area where I have cell coverage and I confirm with Mandy that she is being induced and I need to get my daughter’s things to our friends house, and I need to gather up items we were taking with us to the hospital, and do you know what the best part of this was? To me it was just another errand to run, yes I had the sense of urgency about me, but I wasn’t freaking out, this wasn’t my first rodeo.

Now that I know what to expect I can keep a level head. I know that they won’t actually start inducing my wife until the time is right for her and that I had time to get everything squared away. Also, I don’t have the responsibility of caring for a newborn, which helped ease whatever worry I had left.

On the other hand, I can just picture in my mind Patrick and Damien just freaking out with joy, excitement, and that nervousness that accompanies new parents. I am really happy for them as we are able to help grow their family!

Both Patrick and Damien arrive around 6:30pm and we exchange pleasantries and then we get settled in for the long haul. We decided that it would be in all our best interests if we pass the time with an innocent game of Cards Against Humanity…


Well, innocent isn’t even close to the word I would use to describe Cards Against Humanity or our game. It was probably one of the best rounds of C.A.H. I have ever played! We were all rolling around laughing and disturbing some poor woman trying to labor in peace next to us.

This is after our nurse told us a story on how she had one patient “laugh” out her baby and we were trying to employ this technique on Mandy to help get things going and I would say it didn’t really work, but at least we tried.

Last kicks felt through Mandy’s belly!
So tickled!

After winding down from that I don’t remember much of the next half hour or so because I had the luxury of taking a quick snooze on the reclining chair while Damien laid his head on Patrick’s lap to do the same. I believe that Patrick stayed up the whole time but I haven’t confirmed this, he just was awake when I woke up.

I was woken up by Mandy, or the nurse (again kinda fuzzy) saying its time to go in the water birth room. So we pick up our things and head a couple doors down to a different room with a big plastic cattle trough……I mean birthing tub…so Mandy could finish laboring and deliver the baby via water birth.

I tell you what… my wife is one tough badass! She labored in that tub without an epidural, and without any other pain management. I’ll tell you another thing… If you can find a good doula, utilize her. We were blessed with two amazing doulas that helped give all the support and motivation my wife needed for a smooth, strong, and empowering birthing experience. She highly recommends getting a doula!

Now she couldn’t have been in the tub I for more than an hour before she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy!

May I present to you for the first time here on My Wife the Stork…..

Baby Dorian!


His daddies couldn’t be happier! and now for a few pictures!



Dorian’s Debut! Daddy is playing catcher!



Welcome to this world, Dorian!
One happy surrogate!
Two Happy Fathers!

Baby Dorian was born 11/15/2017 at 1:06am. He weighed 6lbs 3oz and was 19″ long.

Mandy had no complications during delivery but did have to have the placenta removed manually as it stuck to her uterus. This later evolved to her needing a “D and C” about a week later for “retained products of conception.”

Mandy’s recovery has been pretty rocky but I have to say that she is one of the strongest women I know in my life. I am blessed by her presence in my life and it brings me great happiness that she could reach into someone else’s life and bring this great joy to this family like its no big deal. She has the biggest heart I’ve seen andĀ couldn’t have been any more selfless throughout this process. From the outside looking in, I married the best damn woman on earth… What a lucky dog I am!

I plan on writing a separate post on what has happened after the birth but I have seemed too exhausted my writing energy as of late and I’ve been struggling to collect what I want to say. The update will come, please bear with me.

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your wife’s journey as a gestational surrogate. Thank you for writing! I hope you’ll come back someday and write about the post-birth experience.

    1. I plan on it, life has just been real busy, I moved 300 miles for A new job so I haven’t had much time to sit down and write

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